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can you hear that there? ❞Read more... )
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This comm has now over 100 members!

I really did not expect to get this many in so short of time to be honest, icons and codes or not. Thank you so much for sticking around you guys. Definitely going to do something special in return for this tomorrow since it's 1 AM where I am and my fingers refuse to type anymore at this rate, haha.

Be on the look out for the post, everyone! And thanks again!
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Credit me where it can be seen! I cannot stress this enough. It's all I really ask in return for the stuff I do here.

Take the icons and codes if you want! While comments are loved here, there's no need to do it really.

Keep an eye for the status of my REQUESTS. Some days I'll have it open and some days I'll be too busy to take anything up.

Keep an eye out for my posts! Sometimes I'll do icon giveaways and things like that.

Help a Melly by tipping a Melly? It's not necessary and I'll always icons for free for you guys but if you could send some points my way, it'll be great. There's no set amount to give me.
Request for me to icon the following subjects due to personal preferences:

→ Full frontal nudity

→ Gore

→ Strong sexual elements
Take credit of my codes and icons and any other materials featured here in this community.