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can you hear that there? ❞

Hello! A quick announcement or two.
→ Request Page is now CLOSED. It should have been a long time ago but I've just been so busy lately and this leads to my next announcement:

→ I'm going to be taking a break from DWRP since I haven't felt up for it in a long while after some issues came up. My interests have dwindled but not to the point that I want to quit it! Rather, just to the point I need to pull back and focus on other things in hopes maybe a break will help rejuvenate my interests again.

→ As a result, this community is going to be put up in a state of hiatus while I rest and do other things. I'll do icons on the side and do some coding here and there if there's time and interest to do so, promise. I'll be back. Not soon but I'll be back.

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[personal profile] squidded 2015-10-31 03:39 pm (UTC)(link)

Sometimes you do need a recharge, and taking a step back is for the best before you totally burn yourself out. And it might help you want to do things for the joy of doing them and not just for the sake of it.

Feel better! ❤